has a LOT of flexibility; if you don't see your specific question addressed below, just ask.

Can I insert variables like "firstname" into my messages?

Yes. You can use the other columns in the spreadsheet to replace variables in your message For example, if your spreadsheet has first names in column B, Dear _ColB_ becomes Dear Brad.

Can I send the same mailing to two or more groups?

Absolutely. You can either select multiple groups to be included in the mailing, or you can schedule the same message to be sent to each group at different times (e.g., so you can handle replies more efficiently).

What if my spreadsheet contains duplicate addresses?

Only the first occurrence of any given address is saved. Other records which have the same email address will be ignored.

How does the opt-out link work?

Every message you send must include our opt-out link. When that link is clicked by a recipient, their email address is recorded in your account and no further mailings will be sent to them. Opted-out addresses can be viewed in your admin interface.

How often can I send to my contacts?

You can send as often as you wish. But if you send so often that you generate complaints to us, your account will be reviewed and subject to termination.

Can I select addresses to be excluded from a mailing?

Yes. You can select both Send to These Contacts as well as Exclude These Contacts .

Can I send review copies, to see what the message will look like prior to the actual mailing?

Sure. Simply maintain one contact list which contains only your own addresses. To test a message, schedule a mailing to that list. If you use addresses on Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, et al which belong to you, you can then review how the message looks on those ISPs before you send it to your contacts.

Can I include attachments on the messages I send?

No. But this is a good solution: upload your file(s) to a site such as Dropbox. Then include a link to that file in your email. Anyone who wants it can click that link and easily download the file.