The service we provide is unique. Therefore please "think outside the box" as you consider how we might assist you.

For example...

Are you paying a lot for Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc. but not using all their features?

Depending on how often you send out mailings, you might be able to save a lot by using instead. For example, a list of 10,001 addresses costs $150/month on Mailchimp. The same list is only $25/month here. Contact us for more details on your specific requirements.

Would personalizing your messages make them more effective?

Using Dear Tom and your customer number 0023875 in your message is much more likely to result in action than Dear Customer and your account.

Do you need to send periodic mailings to subsets of your users?

If you can get your recipient records into a spreadsheet, it's easy to input those records to multiple groups in your account. There, you can send mail to one, two, more or all groups.

Would you like to send to one group while excluding addresses in another group?

That's one of our standard features.

Do you need an automatic website subscription form?

I.e., do you need a website form for Subscribe Me to Your Newsletter which handles subscriptions automatically? Or would you like to see each request and respond to/add the new contact yourself? If it needs to be automatic, then isn't the right solution. See CCtoMany instead.

Isn't this just a mail-merge service?

Technically, yes. But it is much more than just mail-merge.

Where did you get your contact list?

If you harvested addresses from websites, purchased or rented a list, are sharing affiliate leads, etc., we can't help you. Such mail is Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) and we don't support that. But if the addresses are your customers, subscribers, supporters, etc. who will willingly accept mail from you, we can help.